I am pleased to announce that my book “Guide to the Laws of Kenya” is now on sale.  It is published by “Law Africa” and is being sold for KShs.2,990/=   The book (ISBN 9966 – 53-098-1) can be purchased from Text Book Centre, Prestige Bookshop and other outlets.

The book will be useful to all enquiring citizens, law students, litigants and to businessmen. 

The book incorporates the massive legislative changes post the 2010 Constitution.

The book has 18 chapters namely:

1.         The Concept of Law, The Legal System and Legal Institutes.

2.         The Constitution, Parliament, Central Government and The County Government

3.         Workings of The Courts

4.         The Legal Existence

5.         Consequences of Breach of Laws and Judicial Remedies Available

6.         Family Law

7.         Legalities After Death (Succession Laws)

8.         General Principles of The Law of Contract

9.         Commercial Law Contracts

10.       Company Law and Insolvency Laws

11.       Torts (Civil Wrongs)

12.       The Law Relating To Properties (Land Law)

13.       Environmental Law

14.       Criminal Law

15.       Employment, Health and Safety Law

16.       Taxation Laws

17.       Data Protection and Digitalization

18.       Intellectual Property

Hon. Former Chief Justice David Maraga (who was my partner in the law firm of Bowry Maraga & Company during years 1988 to 1999) in a Foreword to book wrote:

“Mr. Bowry’s reputation as a man of integrity and fearless Advocate of the law is well known within the legal profession in Kenya and beyond.  As Partners, our law firm handled many weighty, complicated and sometimes politically volatile matters and I greatly admired how Mr. Bowry conducted himself with great skill and professionalism. This admiration and respect extended to our clients, colleagues in the Bar, and the Magistrates and Judges before whom he appeared. Apart from being a leading litigator in the courts and a successful lawyer, Mr. Bowry devoted some time to writing as a columnist for the “Standard” Newspaper, an avenue through which he informed the public on various legal issues.

With all the wealth of his experience in various fields of law, this book “The Guide to the Laws of Kenya” is a timely and useful contribution to teachers and students of the law, legal practitioners, and even ordinary Kenyans who are desirous to know and understand the workings of the Kenyan law and Kenya’s courts.

I recommend the book to all Kenyans”.

I hope you will undoubtedly have a rewarding experience reading the book, and no doubt give me your input.

Wishing you happy reading.


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