I am pleased to announce that my book “Guide to the Laws of Kenya” is now on sale.  It is published by “Law Africa” and is being sold for KShs.2,990/=   The book (ISBN 9966 – 53-098-1) can be purchased from Text Book Centre, Prestige Bookshop and other outlets. The book will be useful to all... Continue Reading →

Time for Reforms in Marriage Laws

Marriage. Buying a house. Having children – a dream come true and utopia for any young Kenyan. And then, sometimes, a broken dream. A broken marriage for whatever reason. Divorce or separation tug of war for children, splitting of the house and properties. And then begins the Kenyan legal nightmare related to marriage laws, childrens’... Continue Reading →

Constitutionality of the Community Land Act (Act No 27 of 2016) – Recipe for Confusion and Strife

On promulgation of the 2010 Constitution, important aspects of community land were addressed in Article 63, essentially dealing with what was formerly designated as “trust land.”  Article 63(2) reads thus; “(2) Community land consists of— (a) land lawfully registered in the name of group representatives under the provisions of any law; (b) land lawfully transferred... Continue Reading →

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